Great Leaders Are Developed, Not Born

We're passionate about helping people reach their full potential. And so are the world's best leaders. We help bosses develop a people-first approach, enabling a more profitable and positive company culture.

People Quit Bosses, Not Jobs. Here's Why.

Gallup's recent report reveals that employees quit their bosses, not their jobs. The reason: poor leadership. The good news is that science has repeatedly demonstrated that great leaders are developed, not born.

Unfortunately, science has also shown that most coaching initiatives fail because many leaders have a fixed mindset and are resistant to change. Not only do they limit their own potential for development, leaders with fixed mindsets constrain the growth and development of their employees.


That's why, at Brio, we begin by coaching leaders on how to adopt a growth mindset - the critical first step to building a healthy organizational culture. Another vital component of our program teaches leaders how to embrace a strengths-based leadership approach. Given that research has shown that focusing on an employee's strengths lowers their rate of disengagement to less than 1% (Gallup, 2009), great leaders focus more on what's strong than what's wrong.

Research Shows that Effective Leaders:

  • Drive high levels of employee engagement
  • Value learning, growth and feedback
  • Pursue policies for promoting employee well-being
  • Cultivate a sense of trust & commitment
  • Create a culture of belongingness and support
  • Model the practice of rest and recovery
  • Motivate employees through a sense of autonomy

Brio's Leadership Development Program Teaches Leaders How to:

  • Become a source of social support
  • Develop and apply a growth mindset for success
  • Motivate employees using the ARC+ Method
  • Engage employees through leveraging strengths
  • Deliver feedback in a way that promotes growth
  • Create a culture of shared purpose and values

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