People Build Up Businesses; We Build Up People

We're champions of human development, passionate about helping people flourish. We teach employees and leaders evidence-based skills to help them combat burnout and experience a greater sense of well-being at work and home.

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75% of U.S. Workers Have Experienced Burnout Over the Last Year

Further, the most-recent Gallup Workplace Report suggests that 7 out of every 10 employees are disengaged at work, resulting in a decrease in performance and costing companies an estimated $605 billion a year in lost productivity, which breaks down to about $2,246 per employee per year (ADP, 2011). Burnout and disengagement go hand-in-hand.

We Teach Skills to Enhance Enagement & Prevent Burnout

Engagement is defined by the sense of commitment an employee has to an organization and its goals, reflected by attitudes and behaviors. Research shows that engaged employees are highly productive and offer higher-quality service, driving greater customer satisfaction and higher profit margins. Combining the topics of positive psychology, resilience, mindfulness and neuroscience, we offer keynotes, presentations, interactive webinars and workshops as well as leadership coaching to reduce stress, disengagement and burnout -- so people are equipped to flourish at work and home.

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Our presentations and keynotes deliver practical insights into applying the science of employee engagement, resilience and positive psychology in the workplace.


Great leaders are critical to employee well-being. That's why we're passionate about helping leaders develop skills and implement policies vital for creating a healthy workplace culture.


Our webinars and workshops are designed to equip people with applicable, science-based skills to help them better manage stress, prevent burnout and enhance well-being.